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Chillagoe was once a thriving mining town for a range of minerals. With a population of fewer than 200 people today.

This heritage is maintained by companies which now operate a small zinc mine and some marble quarries.

The rugged limestone landscape of the remote area is a sharp contrast to the rolling green hills of the distant Central Tablelands.

Chillagoe Caves

Chillagoe’s  400 million-year-old cave system, some of which run for 11 kilometres.  located 3 hours west of Cairns.  Spectacular limestone caverns in over 700 caves

You will discover astounding beauty in the natural wonders of the limestone caves in Chillagoe. Formed as a result of an ancient coral reef eroding over centuries.

This underground world is navigated along iron walkways and is spectacularly illuminated by spotlights.

The beautiful caves features include stalactites, stalagmites and cave coral. Your guide will help you to understand how this fascinating hidden world was formed.

There are many other caves with shadowy tunnels and underground chambers around the area. Some of these can be safe to explore on your own. So ask for advice from The Hub Visitor Centre.

Discover more in Chillagoe

If the thought of tunnels and underground caverns is not to your liking, there are above-ground attractions worth a look.  Make your way to Royal Arch.

Checking out the wallabies and wallaroos in the open woodland on the journey. Also impressive is the limestone bulge of Balancing Rock. Marvel at the Aboriginal rock art shelters at Mungana or Wullumba.

The town’s mining heritage is given due respect at the commemorative Chillagoe Smelters. Featuring relics dating back to the 1890s along its walking tracks.

Chillagoe Map

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Chillagoe Smellers