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Welcome to the oldest town on the Atherton Tablelands. Herberton’s raw minerals were what attracted migrants and opportunists in the late 19th century.

In its heyday, it was a thriving hub of prospectors mining its ample tin deposits. Formerly a busy country town. Home to 17 pubs, two newspapers and a brewery!


The town celebrates its pioneering mining history at the council-operated Herberton Mining Museum. Here you will discover displays and local history archives. Explore an extensive outdoor museum which pays homage to the era.

A time when mining dominated the Atherton Tablelands. It showcases turn-of-the-century machinery, transport, fashion and pharmaceuticals.

As well as motor vehicles and memorabilia. Priceless Australian collections from grocery items and tobacco to treasured dolls and toys also feature prominently.

The Railway Museum is operated by the volunteer Atherton Herberton Historic Railway. It also runs regular Sunday train rides from Herberton Station to the Historic Village Herberton on a restored rail line.

Many walking tracks around the town meander through heritage buildings. Those seeking a longer walk can explore the river and nearby hills.

You can also organise an overnight trek with local guides. Take in the surrounds of tropical forests to the east, and woodlands to the north.

An impressive feature of the area is the spectacular carpet of purple flowers created by the blossoming Jacaranda trees.

One of the towns first settlers, John Newell initially planted these stunning trees, and they flower in September and October.

HerbertonĀ  Weather

Herberton is quite a lot drier than other areas of the Atherton Tablelands. It’s the most northerly town in Australia to record a temperature of below -5 degrees Celcius, and the only place in Tropical North Queensland to do so.

Herberton offers a bed and breakfast facility, motel, traditional Australian pub accommodation and a caravan park.

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