Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience

Australia’s Aboriginal communities are the keepers of the world’s oldest cultures. One that has a history of more than 60,000 years!

Visit the Rainforestation Nature Park to take part in the Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience. Learn how to throw a spear and boomerang. See how they play the didgeridoo, with the sounds of native animals! Watch a show of traditional stories through Indigenous dance.

Pamagirri Dance Show

The pamagirri aboriginals telling a story through dance
Discover traditional dances from different tribal areas across Far North Queensland.

The Pamagirri Dance Performance takes place in a rainforest arena. This rainforest gives the perfect backdrop for a Dreamtime story. With the native wildlife sounds, let them tell you a traditional story. Let the story unfold, while they use not only the didgeridoo but also the clapstick. Listen to how didgeridoos are made and used in ceremonies. They will also show you how they play the didgeridoo. Keep your ears peeled for the sounds of Australian animals, such as Kangaroos and Kookaburras. There’s a big surprise towards the end of the show, so pay close attention!


Aboriginal guide showing paint techniques from red soil
Learn how the Pamagirri make different paints using natural ingredients from the land.

Before joining your guided walk to learn about survival in the Rainforest, join the Aboriginal Art Workshop. Here you can discover the practices that were handed down through time. Learn about traditional Such as totems and body painting.




Dreamtime Walk

Guide pointing out parts of nature on a guided walk
Join the Pamagirri Rainforest Walkabout and learn more about Aboriginal culture

Join your Pamagirri Aboriginal Guide as he shares the stories of his culture. Learn about their link to the world’s oldest rainforest. This walk will show you their spiritual path into manhood. So, listen to how the plants, fruits, and berries have many uses for bush tucker and medicines. As well as how they use them for traditional shelters, relics, and tools.



Guide showing how to throw a spear
Learn how to throw a spear..

Find out how the spear was used for hunting and traditional law. Take part in a quick lesson before you take aim at a target and throw one yourself!  It is amazing how far they can throw their spears with a Woomera. In fact, the Guinness Book of World Records even lists the Guides as having the longest spear throws!


Guests learning how to throw a Boomerang
Take part in throwing a Boomerang. Watch how it comes back.

While boomerangs are used for hunting, they are also good to play with for fun! After a quick lesson from your Pamagirri Guide, you will be all set! So now it’s time to try your hand at throwing a Boomerang. The boomerangs do come back, but just in case there are plenty of nets to catch them!


In addition to the Pamagirri Experience, there is so much more to see. Head over to the Koala & Wildlife Park and get up close with our Australian wildlife. In fact, you can cuddle a koala and take home a souvenir photo! Or just explore the park and meet many of our furry friends. Join the Army Duck tour and go from land to a river cruise! There is certainly plenty to see and do.

Want even more? You can add on a one-way ticket on either the Kuranda Scenic Railway or Skyrail Cableway.



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