Classic Kuranda Rainforestation with Train and Skyrail

Do you want to see it all? This Kuranda Rainforestation tour takes a trip on the Kuranda Scenic Rail as well as the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. This tour is certainly not one to be missed and it has everything!

Your journey begins on the Kuranda Train

Kuranda Train passing over a bridge next to a waterfall
Travel to Kuranda via the iconic Kuranda Scenic Train

So take a seat and relax on the Kuranda Scenic Train. In the 1880s, work on the Kuranda Railway began. Tin miners in Herberton, west of Cairns, wished for an easier supply route. The roads to the seaside had become muddy. It was also tough to travel due to the rain. The building of this railway was, without a doubt, a huge thing at the time. During the build, many people died. There were fifteen hand-built tunnels and 37 bridges in all.

Kuranda Village

You will be welcomed to ‘the village in the rainforest’ as soon as you reach Kuranda. You’ll see why Kuranda Village has been a favourite of visitors since the early 1900s. Kuranda became famous in the 1960s due to its climate and way of life. It is full of colourful people, odd stores, musicians, and artists. Everything is surrounded by beautiful, deep tropical rainforest. You will have about 1 hour to explore this village before it is time to head to Kuranda Rainforestation.


Family learning to throw boomerang with Pamagirri Guide at Kuranda Rainforestation
The whole family can learn how to throw a Boomerang with the Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience

You’ll soon meet your bus outside the Butterfly Sanctuary. Join the 100% Electric Bus for your journey to the Kuranda Rainforestation Nature Park. Learn to toss a boomerang and snuggle a koala during your visit to Rainforestation! Participate in an Aboriginal dance performance and take a ride on the Army Duck. Enjoy lunch at the restaurant with a view of the lovely lagoon.

The Army Duck

The DUKW (also known as Duck) is a six-wheel-drive amphibious version of World War II’s 2-ton CCKW vehicles. DUKWs and amphibious tour buses are still used for tourist travel around the world.

Army Duck driving on Land at Kuranda Rainforestation
Take a tour through the Rainforest on a WWII DUKW

Twelve of these vintage automobiles may be found in Rainforestation. Each has a 6-wheel drive system, a propeller, and a rudder, as well as seating for up to 30 passengers. Your expert Duck Captain will point out interesting flora and animals as you pass by. Join a 45-minute rainforest trek before plunging into the lake for a cruise where you may see even more animals.

You may visit the tropical fruit orchard after your tour. You may learn about over 60 different exotic tropical fruit plants here.

Koala and Wildlife Park

The Koala and Wildlife Park offers visitors the chance to discover Australian native animals. As well as interact with them up close and personal! You may spend as much time as you like exploring the Wildlife Park. With many raised boardwalks that provide good views of the surroundings. See what Australian critters, reptiles, and the Kuranda Rainforest you can find.

The Lumholtzs Tree Kangaroo sitting on a perch at Kuranda Rainforestation
See the rare Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo – only found in Far North Queensland!

Hand-feed the kangaroos and wallabies who wander freely on the grounds.

Keep a lookout for the critically endangered cassowary as well as Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo. Meet Juliet, our clever wombat, and other natural wildlife. Ricky, the cheeky Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, may also be found. You may find a range of pythons and lizards at the Reptile House. Most importantly, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Koalas!

Crocodile Feeding, Dingo Enrichment, and Macropod Feeding are just a few of the Wildlife Shows on during the day. Remember that your Wildlife Park entry has unlimited re-entry on the day of your visit, so come back as often as you like.

Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience

Rainforestation Nature Park protects and shares Indigenous Australian culture. At Kuranda Rainforestation, you can experience the Dreamtime and old customs.

The pamagirri aboriginals telling a story through dance
Discover traditional dances from different tribal areas across Far North Queensland.

A dance show and a Dreamtime walk are part of the Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience. The Pamagirri Dance Performance takes place in a beautiful rainforest arena. So, let them tell you a story about animals, food-collecting, and hunting. Let the tale unfold with the didgeridoo as well as clapsticks. They will also show how didgeridoos are made and used in ceremonies. Watch how they play this by making animal noises like kangaroos and


Make sure to keep a careful eye on the show! Because there is a surprise at the end for the audience!

Skyrail Rainforest Experience

Eventually, it will be time to begin the trek home. After you board your gondola, you will return to Cairns by Skyrail.

The Skyrail provides a link between Cairns and Kuranda. As you head down the mountain, take in the stunning views of the ocean. See the UNESCO-listed Wet Tropics Rainforest canopy at the same time.

Skyrail gondola coming down the mountain towards Cairns
Travel home on the Skyrail Cableway and skim across the treetops

Kuranda mountain is crossed by the Skyrail, which is 7.5 kilometres in length. There are two

mid-stations on your journey: Red Peak and Barron Falls. You can certainly learn a lot about the Rainforest by visiting these stations. The Rainforest is unspoilt, therefore go for a walk in it. It’s also a great chance to learn about the local fauna and flora from the guide. For more information, head over to the CSIRO Interpretation Station.

One of the best parts of this tour is a visit to the ‘The Edge’ lookout. The views from the top of Barron Falls are certainly stunning. Din Din is another name for these legendary falls. They have, in fact, played a major role in Djabuganydji stories for many years.

We recommend leaving 1.5 hours for travel. So, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the Skyrail if you keep this in mind. Not to mention the time spent at each of the two stations.

Want more options?

On the other hand, perhaps you want more? What if you could visit the Great Barrier Reef as well as Kuranda? Check out our Great Barrier Reef Experience and Kuranda Package.


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