Savour the Rich Flavor of Skybury Coffee: A Delightful Journey to the Tropics

Discover the delicious taste and aroma of Skybury Coffee, the premium brand that captures the essence of the tropics. From bean to cup, we take you on a delightful journey of indulgence, freshness, and quality.

Skybury Coffee plantation in Mareeba is a must-visit destination for any coffee lover. The plantation  offers a unique experience that combines stunning scenery, delicious coffee, and an insight into the coffee production process.

A Brief History of Skybury Coffee

Founded in 1987,  by Ian MacLaughlin and his family. The family-owned plantation began with just 6 hectares  and is now one of the largest coffee plantations in Australia.

From Seed to Harvest: The Skybury Coffee Plantation

Located in Mareeba in the Atherton Tablelands, with an  ideal climate and soil conditions for coffee cultivation.

Using sustainable farming practices, which protect the environment and ensure that the coffee beans are of the highest quality. The coffee plants are grown in the shade of fruit trees, which provide natural shade and add to the rich flavour profile of the coffee beans.

The Processing and Roasting of Skybury Coffee

Once the coffee beans are harvested, they are carefully processed to remove the outer layer of skin, revealing the green coffee bean inside. The green coffee beans are then washed and dried in the sun, which takes several days and helps enhance the coffee’s natural flavours.

After drying, the coffee beans are roasted to perfection by skilled roasters, who use traditional techniques to bring out the unique flavour profile of Skybury Coffee. The roasting process is an art in itself, and the roasters carefully monitor the beans to ensure that they are roasted to the perfect temperature and time.

The Taste and Aroma of Skybury Coffee

What Makes Skybury Coffee Unique?

Renowned for its distinctive taste and aroma, which captures every cup’s essence of the tropics. The coffee has a smooth and creamy texture with a rich and complex flavour profile that is bold and delicate.

What makes Skybury Coffee unique is its terroir or the unique environmental factors that influence the flavour of the coffee beans. The combination of the tropical climate, fertile soil, and sustainable farming practices all contribute to the rich and distinctive flavour of Skybury Coffee.

How To brew a perfect Coffee

  1. Start with fresh, cold water. The quality of the water you use can affect the taste of your coffee, so use clean and fresh water.
  2. Grind the coffee beans just before brewing. This will ensure maximum freshness and flavour. You can use a coffee grinder to grind the beans to the desired consistency.
  3. To brew the coffee, use a French press, drip coffee maker, or pour-over method. Each method has its unique advantages, so choose the one that suits your taste and preference.
  4. Use the right water temperature and brew for the appropriate amount of time. The ideal water temperature for brewing coffee is between 195-205°F (90-96°C). Brew the coffee for 4-5 minutes for a French press, 2-4 minutes for a drip coffee maker, and 2-3 minutes for a pour-over method.
  5. Enjoy! Pour the brewed coffee into your favourite mug and savour the rich and complex flavor of Skybury Coffee. You can add milk, sugar, or other sweeteners to enhance the taste and customize it to your liking.

With these simple steps, you can brew the perfect cup of Skybury Coffee and enjoy the indulgence, freshness, and quality.

The Coffee Plantation tour

The Skybury Coffee plantation offers a guided tour that takes visitors through the coffee production process. The tour begins with a visit to the coffee trees, where visitors can learn about the different coffee varieties and the process of growing and harvesting the beans. Visitors can also try their hand at picking coffee beans during the harvest season.

The tour then takes visitors through the coffee processing facility, where they can see the beans being sorted, roasted, and packaged. Visitors can also sample freshly roasted coffee and learn about the different coffee roasting techniques.


The Café and Gift Shop

There’s is a café and gift shop that offers a range of delicious food and drinks, including the plantation’s award-winning coffee. The café offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and is a great place to relax and enjoy a coffee or a meal.

The gift shop offers a range of Skybury Coffee products, including freshly roasted coffee beans, coffee cups, and coffee-making equipment. Visitors can also purchase locally-made crafts and souvenirs.


Do I need to make a booking for the Skybury Coffee plantation tour?

A. Yes, bookings are essential for the coffee plantation tour. You can book online or by phone.


Q. Is the Skybury Coffee plantation accessible for wheelchair users?

A. Yes, the plantation tour and café are accessible for wheelchair users.


Q. Can I purchase Skybury Coffee products online?

A. Yes, Skybury Coffee products are available for purchase online, and the plantation offers worldwide shipping.

The Skybury Coffee plantation in Mareeba is a must-visit destination for any coffee lover. The plantation tour offers an insight into the coffee production process, and the café and gift shop offers a range of delicious food and drinks and locally-made souvenirs. So, if you’re looking for a unique coffee experience in the Atherton Tablelands, add Skybury Coffee plantation to your itinerary.