• Population:  11,825 (2021 census)
  • Area: 53.491 km²
  • Postcode: 4880
  • Founded: 1877
  • Distance from Cairns
  • Elevation: 417 metres
  • Weather: Coolest temperature is 7.5 degrees C, and the warmest of 39 degrees C

Mareeba is the biggest town on the Atherton Tablelands, with a  multi-cultural population from at least 60 different nationalities.

The history dates back to the gold-mining days in the 1800s. Mareeba served as a railway and communications centre for the mining, dairying, farming and beef industries.

The extensive cropping and grazing fields still host a multitude of farms. They produce a wide range of original products, including coffee, tea, bamboo, mangoes and chocolate.

There are vast blue skies over Mareeba. Along with relatively benign climatic conditions has inspired the development of aerial tourism activities. Such as the sublime calm of hot-air ballooning to the thrills of skydive parachuting.

Enthusiasts can watch the sunrise over the rolling hills of the Atherton Tablelands. Soak up the 360-degree panorama in the silence and romance of a hot-air balloon. You will finish with a peaceful drift to the ground under the silk of the parachute.

The dryer environment of Mareeba in the north Tablelands is in stark contrast to the wetter south. It is better understood by visiting the Mareeba Tropical Savanna and Wetland Reserve. Here you will witness rare and beautiful wildlife in a unique community conservation project.

History of Mareeba

To understand the area’s make-up a little better, visit the Mareeba Heritage Museum. It features a variety of rare exhibits that offer insight into a rich and fascinating history.

It also sells local crafts and produces souvenirs, books and cowboy hats. Then drop into the Heritage Coffee House. A charming and comfortable place where you will love the locally grown coffee and chocolate.

Sample the mango wines produced by Golden Drop Winery for something completely different. A Family-owned business. All made from the plantation’s mangos. You will also want to try the Citrus Cellos, Mango Port, and Golden Mango liqueur style. Cellar door sales and tastings are available.

If you’re visiting in the year’s second half, don’t miss out on two major events, the Mareeba Rodeo (held in July) and the Mareeba Multicultural Festival (held in August).

Mareeba map

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