Atherton Tablelands Holidays for Families

There’s a wide range of Atherton Tablelands Holidays for everyone to enjoy. You can choose from fantastic rainforest journeys as well as remote historic locations. Visit parks and museums, to swimming hole adventures and horse rides.

Rainforestation Nature Park near Kuranda offers a wide range of fun activities for the whole family. You can start by riding an amphibious Army Duck. Certainly a unique rainforest tour on both land and water.

Atherton Tablelands Holidays
Pamagirri Aboriginal Dancers

Then you can do an interactive Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience. Including a traditional dance performance and a “Dreamtime walk”. You will get the chance to throw a boomerang, hurl a spear and play the didgeridoo.

Discover another Kuranda rainforest journey, great for Atherton Tablelands Holidays. For example, explore some of the oldest and tallest rainforest trees on the planet in the Barron Falls Estate. There will be a chance to see native wildlife, including nine resident cassowaries.

Here you will wander through an exotic fruit orchard. Enjoy seasonal fruit tastings, including durians, rambutans, mangosteens and lychees.

In Atherton, the whole family can go bush horse riding. You will be in the hands of experienced trail horse riders. Importantly, the same veteran riders that developed the trails you will explore.

The Crystal Caves in Atherton is a mind-blowing experience for the whole family on Atherton Tablelands Holidays, with its multi-level tunnels and caverns. They feature million-year-old natural crystals and prehistoric fossils.

Take a step back in time.

Always an Atherton Tablelands Holidays favourite is the Herberton Historic Village. This historical theme park has more than 50 restored period buildings. Explore the shops, pub, bank, chemist, grocer, printer and garage. Known for being one of the most significant outdoor museums in Queensland.

It’s a full-day visit and offers lunch at the restored tearooms. A bonus is an opportunity to ride joyfully on the vintage Herberton-Atherton Railway. The incredible steam train travels parallel to the Wild River. It crosses the main highway through a tunnel under the street.

Take the family to check out the fantastic Chillagoe Caves. There is astounding beauty in the natural wonders of the limestone caves. On Atherton Tablelands Holidays, visitors can explore Donna, Trezkinn and Royal Arch caves on ranger-guided tours. These run daily except on Christmas Day.