Atherton Tablelands Food and Wine

The options are endless when it comes to Atherton Tablelands Food and Wine. From coffee and tea plantations to biodynamic dairies producing milk, cheese and yoghurt. Discover aquaculture farms and distilleries. You can’t miss the tried and true lunches and dinners found on the Country Pub Trail.

With such variety, you can create your own food tour. Custom-made to the destinations you want to visit along the way. You may like to join an organised food tour to talk and taste tucker with the experts.

There are at least 20 hotels on the Atherton Tablelands. The architecture and style, along with the hospitality date back many decades. To a time when they were the heart and soul of the communities.

Some have been modernised, but all serve reasonably priced hearty traditional, and light fare. If you get the chance to chat with a local, the stories are guaranteed to be accurate and sometimes tall, but always engaging.

The Barron Valley Hotel in Atherton has a unique art deco style. The Kuranda Hotel’s colourful history dates back to the 1880s. The structure of Malanda Hotel is worthy of National trust listing. The Peeramon Pub evokes the area’s pioneering days of mining, timber and tobacco.

Something for the adults

The Atherton Tablelands Food and Wine more recent establishments also have much to offer. Mt. Uncle Distillery and Bridges Restaurant specialises in a range of craft gins, rums, and whiskeys. All available at the cellar door.

Enjoy a delicious lunch in the restaurant, hidden away between the macadamia, avocado and banana plantations.

If you’re interested in other locally distilled options, Golden Drop Winery near Mareeba has based its products on Kensington red mangoes. Over the years it has switched from tobacco crops.

Along with the spectacular mango wines, they have added sparkling, port and citrus blends based on mango. This establishment was the world’s first commercial mango winery.

You will love the many cafes and teahouses which are scattered throughout this region. Open most of the day and ready to offer morning and afternoon tea, and often lunch.

Most impressive is the stately old teahouse perched above the banks of Lake Barrine. One of the favourites within the Atherton Tablelands Food and Wine community. A former volcanic crater.

The Lake Barrine Teahouse has been serving many visitors and locals for decades. You can enjoy homemade cakes, biscuits and full meals. You can’t miss the opportunity to taste their famous specialty – Devonshire Tea.

Beyond the food, the most crucial decision is when to walk around the fantastic lake. You can even enjoy a boat cruise across the calm waters.

Off the Mareeba main road is Coffee Works. A hidden gem boutique roastery and chocolatarie. Over the years, this place has ballooned into a fully-fledged eatery. You can enjoy all types of snacks.

You will love sampling the growing range of coffees, lunches, sweets and drinks — a favourite stop for Atherton Tablelands Food and Wine enthusiasts.