Chillagoe Caves Australian Outback Tour

This tour explores the Australian Outback from Far North Queensland. Travel in your custom-built 4WD and travel through the Atherton Tablelands wetlands. Before viewing wallabies, emus, and other wildlife, visiting the Chillagoe Caves Australian Outback Tour is not to be missed.

Chillagoe was once a thriving mining town for a range of minerals. With a population of fewer than 200 people today, the landscape is rugged limestone. In other words, it sharply contrasts with the rolling green hills of the distant Central Tablelands.

See the land change to fertile agricultural paddocks. For example, grow Paw Paw, Lychee, Longen, and mangoes.  Cross the Great Dividing Range into the Outback.

After that, travel through historic towns and visit a coffee plantation. Moving on, you reach the towering limestone karsts around Chillagoe Township.

Visit the remains of the once-mighty copper smelters of Chillagoe. Before a delicious lunch at ‘the pub’. In addition, enjoy a guided tour through the spectacular Chillagoe Caves.

You will see aboriginal rock art and visit the Balancing Rock before returning to Cairns with a stop at Dimbulah and Granite Gorge.

Mareeba Rock Wallaby

A highlight at Granite Gorge is the Mareeba Rock Wallaby.

In conclusion, you’ll have a fantastic history, wonder, and wildlife day!

A bit more about Chillagoe

Chillagoe has a  400 million-year-old cave system. Some of which run for 11 kilometres.  Located 3 hours west of Cairns.  There are spectacular limestone caverns in over 700 caves.

You will discover the natural wonders of the limestone caves in Chillagoe. It formed as a result of an ancient coral reef eroding over centuries.

This underground world is navigated along iron walkways. Spotlights spectacularly illuminate it.

The beautiful cave features include stalactitesstalagmites and cave coral. Your guide will help you understand how this fascinating, hidden world was formed.

To sum up, many other caves have shadowy tunnels and underground chambers around the area.



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